“We believe that someone’s current circumstance shouldn’t dictate their future.”


Our goal is to unearth the next generation of creative industry leaders from underserved and disadvantaged communities. Through opportunity, support and a network we want to help break cycles of systemic inequality - because talent is distributed equally, but opportunity isn’t.


Creative Futures is a 12 week program and employment agency where we work with fellows to get career opportunities in the creative industries. Industries that have traditionally been impossible to break into if you weren’t born into the right neighborhoods, have the right family connections or went to the right schools.

Throughout the program, we host workshops to educate and inspire our fellows in a range of topics from financial literacy, mindfulness, storytelling, unlocking creativity and leadership development to name a few.


Each of our fellows is then assigned a group of mentors, a guaranteed paid “Futureship” and a short film on their life which will be amplified through a media partner.


We call it the “Alumni group for people that don’t have an alumni group”.


This program is designed to unleash their confidence and unlocking their creativity, imagination and empathy - then using their new platform, network and tools to help change the world.


We work with a group of incredible non profits to assist their beneficiaries or clients with opportunities, support and a network not previously accessible to them.


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Did you know that a company with a diverse and inclusive workforce is 35% more likely to outperform their national industry medians?


Our talent are hungry, passionate, resilient and groomed for success. The benefits of using Creative Futures to add diverse talent to your team.


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A diverse company is 70% more likely to capture new markets

FOR talent

67% of new candidates want to join a diverse team


Each of our fellows contributes $30,000 per year back into the US economy

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